The WXR Venture Fund

We're thrilled to announce the 1st WXR Founder Cohort, featuring eight of the top women Founders in the immersive tech industry and their startups across the spectrum of virtual reality and augmented reality.

On Jan. 6th, we held the inaugural WXR Pitch Showcase to highlight our first Cohort.

Our Founders are a well-rounded group with a variety of focuses— from combining brain control interfaces with VR for wellness, to creating the world's first search engine for immersive content, to using AR to accelerate skill sets and reduce costs in the construction industry.

We threw the Pitch Showcase event in social VR venue Altspace and live streamed in 2D on YouTube— so that anyone with or without a VR headset could join.

Check out the highlight video below.

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The above highlight video is from a 2D live feed of the event, which was held in virtual reality on Jan. 6th. Watch the full Pitch Showcase video here.

The Founders of the 1st WXR Cohort:

Vivian Tan - Beast, Inc.

Cheryl Bayer - Living Popups

Sophia Dominguez - SVRF

Sarah Hill - StoryUP XR

Lori-Lee Emshey - FutureSight AR

Spandana Govindgari - ARAD

Morgan Mercer - Vantage Point

Julia Winter - Alchemie

Many thanks to our Panelists:

Marco DeMiroz - Venture Reality Fund

Maddie Callandar - Boost VC

Jesse Draper - Halogen Ventures

Peter Rojas - betaworks ventures

Timoni West - Unity

Dessy Levinson - 645 Ventures


Only 4.94% of venture capital deals funded female founders over the last decade. Women make up less than 20% of the technology industry.


We must do better.


The emerging immersive tech industry is predicted to become a $100B+ industry over the next several years. 


We have an enormous opportunity to level the playing field.

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We are a venture fund investing in startups in the VR/AR/XR industry who are committed to equal gender representation.


We provide community infrastructure to support women leaders in immersive tech.

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